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Integrating Superior, Purely Prepared Food with Sophisticated, Digital Foodservice-Tech

Purely Prepared Brands, Inc. (the “Company”) is poised to begin producing and selling delicious, purely Smoke-Baked™ meat, poultry, and fish/seafood at scale throughout California and then the country, state-by-state.

Founded in 2019 by former multi-unit barbecue restaurateur Eddie Feintech, the Company is raising $3 million to exclusively use licensed proprietary, wood-smoking technology to mass-produce an artisanal, superior quality “prepared food” that is unique in the country’s retail and quick-service marketplaces.

Your investment will help us accomplish our mission – and generate a tasty return on your money in the process.


Business Model

The Company will sell its delectable, prepared cuisine under the Purely Smoked® brand primarily through the foodservice operation of compact, self-contained, modular kitchens that are just 150 square feet (indoor service) and 320 square feet (outdoor service). These kitchens operate cashless, contactless, and ventless (no on-site cooking), and can generate the sales and profit of a stand-alone restaurant.

To operate its kitchens, a first-of-its-kind, franchise-style concept is being used that will be very attractive to individuals seeking higher-income work within the foodservice sector but who cannot afford to purchase a typical food franchise. The Company’s business model uniquely blends employment with entrepreneurship.

Operations/Revenue Timeline

After we reach our $3 million goal, we will launch revenue options in four months:

Begin manufacturing of modular kitchen.

Finalize food production and distribution plans.

Secure placements of kitchens and identify operational management/staff.

By December 31, 2026, Purely Smoked Acquisition Corp. (PSAC) will be positioned to acquire Purely Prepared Brands.

PSAC will be listed on the OTC exchange, which serves as an exit opportunity for investors.


Begin manufacturing of modular kitchen.


Finalize food production and distribution plans.

Secure placements of kitchens and identify operational management/staff.

By December 31, 2026, Purely Smoked Acquisition Corp. (PSAC) will be positioned to acquire Purely Prepared Brands.

PSAC will be listed on the OTC exchange, which serves as an exit opportunity for investors.

Innovative, Modular Foodservice-Tech Supports Growth Scale

Installed for operation in two to three days, the Company’s indoor and outdoor modular kitchens provide take-away and delivery foodservice, with the outdoor kitchens also capable of servicing larger catering orders. Because of the operating efficiency of the modular kitchens, the Company will pay rent to the hosts of indoor kitchens (c-stores, retailers, truck stops, etc.) and to the property owners of outdoor kitchens (shopping center pads, lots, etc.) that represent rates of income up to $350 per square feet annually.

Our Management knows the key to success and capturing market share in the highly competitive foodservice sector is primarily about the food sold; it must be tasty, competitively priced, wholesome, and convenient to purchase. The Company sells nutritious cuisine with a craving, and always with consistency at an enticing price.

Financial opportunity and growth scale are rewards for those restaurant chains who adapt to the evolving, consumer food-buying trends that drive foodservice and dictate customers’ desired experience. 

We believe the Company to be ideally positioned to provide the quality of prepared food and the customer foodservice that respond to these consumer trends – and now you can invest with us and share in the growth and financial gain of our success.

  • Touch Screen
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Cashless Pay
  • Contactless Pick-up
  • Ventless No-cook Efficiency
  • Self-contained Operation
  • Restaurant-grade High-speed Rethermalizing Ovens
  • Viewing Window to Watch Preparation
  • Hygienic Food Lockers
  • Regional Menus
  • 2-4 Operators
  • Walk-in Refrigerator, Restroom, & Fresh Water
  • Fold Down Header & Door/Awning

Introducing Franship™ Opportunities

But who staffs the kitchens? Our mission is to provide no-cost, foodservice entrepreneurship opportunities to demographics who stand to benefit most from them—particularly veterans and people who formerly lived in foster care.

Enter the Franship™ opportunity. Compact kitchens will be operated by partners who share in the sales from their respective kitchen for a far higher hourly income than they’d attain from a more traditional foodservice job.

The benefit to Purely Prepared Brands is a highly motivated workforce that can scale to demand.

Pricing, Discounts, and Gift Perks

The investment opportunity is a confidential private placement offering and is open to accredited investors only who can meet such personal financial requirements.

Purchase AmountPriceDiscountNet Price
$2,500 to $4,999$0.0600%$0.060
$5,000 to $9,999$0.06015%$0.051
$10,000 to $19,999$0.06025%$0.045
$20,000 Plus Gift Perk [1]$0.06035%$0.039
[1] For investors purchasing $20,000 or more of Common Shares, the Company will cause a related-party affiliate to grant and issue free “Gift Shares” of the affiliate’s Common Stock in an amount equal to one (1) Gift Share per $1 of the Company’s Common Shares purchased. Said Gift Shares of the affiliate will be registered for public trading during 2025, subject to the successful launch of the Company’s brand revenue operations.

The Company is offering a maximum of 50,000,000 shares of Common Stock (the “Shares”) at an offering price of $0.060 per share (the “Offering”).  The Offering’s price per share represents a $4.42 million “pre-money” market valuation. Alternatively, if the Offering is totally sold at the highest level of “Perk” for a share price of $0.039, the pre-money market value will reduce to $2.87 million.

Click on INVEST NOW to register and have access to the Offering’s Private Placement Memorandum for complete details and disclosures for this Offering.

Our Executive Management

Eddie Feintech
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Eddie operated a small chain of wood-smoked barbecue restaurants, which proprietary oven and process technique he subsequently developed into a concept for commercial mass production. With over 30 years of experience in commercial food processing and working market applications for the unique value-add product, Eddie will oversee key operating functions for food production and the Company’s brand revenue operations.

Dennis Harrison, Ph.D.
President & Chief Technology Officer

Dennis has senior executive experience in guiding IT development and implementation for large multinational companies with over 50 million transactions per month. As CTO, Dennis will manage the technology budget and make investments for technological needs; design and manage the cloud technology for real-time data access to all modular kitchens and their respective sales and inventory ordering, app ordering, and corporate accounting.

Donald Krueger, CPA & Attorney
Executive Vice President,
Secretary & Chief Financial Officer

Donald has an extensive professional career in executive-level public accounting and auditing, enhanced by legal expertise relative to both private business and public company management as general counsel. As CFO, Donald will create auditable accounting and reporting systems that integrate with IT data information and direct corporate finance with operational and transparent accountability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will your food sales begin?

We intend to commence production and sales of our prepared foods within six months after the close of this offering.

Are there any kitchens currently operating?

No, our kitchen concept is fully developed and the first ones will open when food production begins.

What is the return for investing?

You are buying common shares of equity that presumably will appreciate or depreciate in market value in proportion to our success.

When will I have liquidity for my investment?

After the Company purchases the licensed wood-smoking technology in Q4/2026 from the affiliate licensor, the Company’s Board will consider accepting a certain merger transaction that would create a public liquidity event or exit strategy for the Company’s shareholders to liquidate their appreciated equity. This event is structured on a best-efforts basis by the parties and there can be no assurance that such merger and liquidity opportunity will ever materialize.

How will I be updated on the Company’s operations?

When our Company launches operations, we intend to provide at least quarterly operational updates to shareholders.

When will your smoked food be available nationally?

We intend to launch operations in California and begin multistate expansion when a certain level of sustained traction in food sales and income has been achieved.

Are shares currently publicly traded?

No public market exists for the Shares and no market is expected to develop in the immediate future.

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